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The Appearance and Structure

  • The appearance is concise and easy, sedate and elegant. Airframe integration design, using a metal frame structure, high-quality cold-rolled steel plate electrostatic spray process, durable. With stainless steel panel drawing more classic and delicate, a find everything fresh and new! The bottom mounting universal casters, easy to move. Humanized stepless speed - installation, can freely adjust the volume and size of the suction.


  • It adopts brushless DC motor, reliable performance, long cycle life. The stable operation, low noise, high efficiency, low energy consumption, long working time. Without regular maintenance, lower cost. The wind round the use of eddy current type to design, special alloy materials, effectively prevent corrosion of wind wheel. Dynamic balance correction technology unique, let the wind wheel is more stable and reliable operation. High air volume, large suction, higher filtration rates.

Filter System:

  • It adopts the four layers filter design. Layer by layer filtration, to ensure the harmful dust was removed thoroughly. The purifying rate can reach 99.99%. The modular design, layers of protection. Each layer of the filter element can be replaced individually, use longer filter, replacement cost lower. The unique internal sealing structure, sealing materials plus special, make harmful material to all through the filtering system, filtering efficiency is higher. The built-in circulating active filtering, avoid the interior cooling / heating from outside, the temperature and humidity environment does not destroy the operating interval.

Smoke Collecting Device:

  • The machine can be equipped with universal smoking arm, can arbitrarily change the direction, self localization (length can be customized according to customer request). Also can be connected with a hose. End is attached to a large collection smoke cover a wide range, smoking.It has the advantages of simple installation, convenient use, with external exhaust outlet can be connected with the pipeline. safety certification and design standard, the national patent.The compliance with CE, UL, WHO certification, safe and reliable. The dependence of design standards: "indoor air quality standards, GB21551.1- 2008, GB/T 18801.


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