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A modern-looking antistatic chair characterised by its comfortably positioned seat. The seat and the backrest are made of soft conductive polyurethane (Rg < 106 Ω), with the backrest of adjustable height and distance from the seat. This chair is characterised by its high durability and resistance to mechanical damage .It is also easy to clean. Its five-branch aluminium base ensures stability and reliable draining of static charge. The seat height is adjusted with a gas column. There are three height options available. According to the requirements, the chair can be equipped with additional accessories, such as conductive armrests and a footstool. There are also three options of conductive casters or feet available. The chair can be used in the EPA zone (EN 51340-5-1:2009)and in clean rooms. The chair is certified as safe and ergonomic in use (EN 1335-1:2004, EN 1335-2:2009, EN 1335-3:2009, EN 1022:2007). Accessories should be ordered separately.

ESD Polyurethane Chair

SKU: sp27
  • Resistance to groundable point RG 106 – 108 Ohm

    Seat & backrest resistance point to point RP       

    105 – 106 Ohm   
    Plastic parts resistance point to point RP 108 – 109 Ohm

    Seat height adjustment range


    460 – 585 or 520 – 720 or 625- 865
    Seat size [mm] 470 x 430
    Backrest size [mm] 310 x 415

    Chair comply with

    the standards

    EN 61340-5-1, PN-EN 1335-1:2004, PN-EN 1335-2:2009, PN-EN 1335-3:2009, PN-EN 1022:2007


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