Standard ESD chair, covered with high-quality conductive vinyl (RG < 106 Ω). The chair has a five-branched base made of chromium- plated steel. It ensures high stability and unfailing removal of electrostatic charges. The seat and the backrest are made of highly elastic foam. The backrest can be adjusted in three planes. Height adjustment can be achieved thanks to a gas column, providing three chair heights to choose from. Very easy to be cleaned and maintained. The chair can be equipped with conductive wheels or sliding glides and additional accessories. The chair has a certificate of safety and ergonomics of use.


Technical Data


Resistance to groundable point RG 106 – 108 Ohm
Vinyl resistance point to point RP 105 – 106 Ohm
Seat height adjustment range [mm] 505 – 630 or 570 – 770 or 675 – 915 *toleration of +/- 2cm
Seat size [mm] 460 x 450
Backrest size [mm] 430 x 500
Fabric abrasion resistance 60 000 cycles
Chair comply with the standards EN 61340-5-1, PN-EN 1335-1:2004, PN-EN 1335-2:2009, PN-EN 1335-3:2009, PN-EN 1022:2007
Fabric comply with the standards EN 1021-1, EN 1021-2, BS 7176

Clean Room – Vinyl ESD Chair

SKU: SP569