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 The AE-790 static-Check Meter is a simple, easy-to-use and inexpensive unit that indicates how much static is present on a person and that drains the charge to the connected ground. This unit can be held in the hand or mounted to a wall. The AE-790 Static-Check Meter is the all-around audit tool for your protection against static.



  • Quick visual display of static from 0-19,990 volts.
  • Touch to test static in both positive and negative polarity.
  • Easy to ground by simultaneously touching 10mm snap contact.
  • Low battery indicator built into liquid crystal display (LCD).
  • Micro-power circuit allows 9-volt alkaline battery to continuously display for approximately six months.
  • Conductive static-safe carrying case with protective anti-static foam included.
  • Detects how much static a person is carrying.
  • Audits any potential static generator or dissipater including the following:
  • Wrist straps, heel grounders, toe straps, static-safe shoes, chairs, table mats, floor mats, ground leads,
  • Purpose-built floors, garments, static sprays, floor finishes, the difference in potential between two people or materials, etc.




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