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Provide high-quality, durable and reliable optical system and operating mechanism. Range of accessories, diversified portfolio allocation. Meet the modern biology, medicine, scientific research, modern electronics industry online testing and other technology industries such as high-precision requirements.


  • A film coated with a special high-quality optical components, created a high-quality optical images.
  • In a large field of view to form a flat surface and good contrast as positive, especially in the peripheral visual field more bright and clear image quality
  • A continuous zoom lens 0.7X ~ 4.5X (6.3:1), standard magnification 7X ~ 45X. (Optional auxiliary lens, Magnification 14X ~ 180X)
  • Effective standard working distance of 100mm, optional auxiliary lens, working distance will be extended to 26 mm ~ 287mm,
  • Create enough space for the use of Five observation head 45 ° inclined binocular diopter adjustable, to ensure that different vision users can get a clear image of satisfaction.
  • Ergonomic design, the best eye point height, long time without feeling tired.
  • Hand wheel zoom level (axial) bilateral setting, easy to operate and comfortable, zoom high repetition accuracy
  • with a variety of accessories, expand the application fields.


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